Who is behind Sweet Harvest Farms?

It has been a challenging year to say the least. Purchased a new home a year ago, redid master bath, second bath and a complete over haul of the kitchen (still not finished), torn rotator cuff and back issues, yet still managed to keep making product and filling orders! Whew! I get exhausted just thinking about the past year! It takes a village, as they say.

Cindy Hoffelder stepped up to the plate early on in 2018 and has been an integral part of Sweet Harvest Farms ever since. Wrapping soap, making lotion, lip smoothie and more, she manages to keep me grounded, organized and on top of things. I really could not do it without her. If I did, it would be very, very hard that's for sure! She cares about the business and our customers as much as I do, and that is so important for a small business.


Cindy and grand-daughter Samantha


My husband Duane Jennings - my rock! I have no idea how he puts up with me much less his tireless dedication to Sweet Harvest Farms. Working hard at a 40 hr week job that can be mentally taxing, and then coming home to don an apron to busy himself measuring, from scratch, each bucket needed to make soap. Of course that is between him taking care of laundry or anything else needed around the house, freeing me up to make product for you, your family and friends. (sorry girls he's taken)


Duane manning the booth at West Elm     

Somehow all of the family has had their hand in the business. Tech support, lugging infastructure for shows or markets, wrapping soap, and giving me sound advice when needed. Seth Jennings, Shadai and Ryan Schreiber, Vanessa and Don Renyer, Alisha Hogsend and Samantha Hoffelder, have all at one time or another stepped up to the plate (and still do).

Then there are the friends that have helped grow Sweet Harvest Farms as well. Tiffany A. Ferrecchia-Maietta of Tampa Bay Markets, Lori Powell of The Fancy Flea, Julie from Julies Cottage at Provence, and so many more friends that are their for me through thick and thin.

Of course then there is YOU! You continue to support Sweet Harvest Farms and spread the word and share our products with everyone. After all it IS the best organic handmade bath and body on the planet! We are here because you believe in us and our products! Thank you so very, very much!


  Here is to a New Year of prosperity, hope, and good health, but most of all love!

Cynthia A Young-Jennings (CJ)

Proprietor, Sweet Harvest Farms, LLC