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Article: Always something to be thankful for

Always something to be thankful for

Always something to be thankful for

TURKEY! TURKEY! No, not the delicious bird soon to be on your table. I’m talking about turkey in the negative sense, and that is what 2020 largely has been—a turkey, a reject, something we want to get rid of as fast as possible! Now, of course it wasn’t all bad, there were many great people and many great and positive things in this world and our personal lives this year. But the virus and its impacts in so many forms have touched us all, some more dearly than others, and we’re all forever changed in some way.

Being thankful has taken on a whole new meaning. I have always believed even when there is pain and sadness, there is always good if we allow ourselves to see it. Sometimes it is buried underneath all the hurt, but its there, waiting to be found.

This Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving, I will choose to be thankful– even in the midst of this chaos. I may not be with friends or family, but we are a phone call or facetime away. Soon we will be able to celebrate all the Holidays together again and that is indeed something to look forward to.

So, let us all choose to be thankful EVERYDAY for the little things, the big things, the silly things and even the “not so good things” because they always have a lesson to teach us.

I am thankful that we have remained busy curating the best organic handmade bath and body available. We are so thankful for our customers! It is our privilege to serve you.

All of us here at Sweet Harvest Farms wish you, your family, and friends a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!


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