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Authentic Organic African Black Soap


African organic Black Soap is produced in areas across West Africa. Sweet Harvest Farms Organic African black soap is a mild and wonderful cleanser that can be used on the entire body. It’s been said that it can be used for acne, helping the discomforts of eczema, psoriasis, itchy scalp and sensitive skin in general.

Sweet Harvest Farms organic African Black soap is amazing no matter what ethnicity you may be or color skin you may have. It’s is just as good for sensitive skin as well as dry, oily or in-between. This isn’t a soap that is for black skin only. I have many  customers that use it on their hair as well! It’s just that good of a product!

Having been around for centuries, like most other soaps, it’s a mixture of oils, waxes, vitamins and ash. The absence of lye, traditionally used in soap making, makes African Black Soap much softer, with a crumbly and uneven surface. Real African black soap is never uniformly black, and if you find one that is, it’s probably not the real deal. Real African black soap varies in color from brown or beige to gray or combination of all three.

This color and texture comes entirely from the way the soap is made. Plantains are rich in essential nutrients and oils including vitamins A and E (which are wonderful for your skin) are roasted and dried. Palm oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil is then added, blended and cured.  

Recipes are closely guarded by each African tribe, are hard to come by and just as difficult to use. Remember-Many (but not all) African Black Soaps that are in the United States often contain very little of pure black soap, with additives that only take away from the original recipe. Many that sell products such as liquid black soap and shampoos more than likely have only a small amount of true black soap in them if any at all. Some companies even add black dyes to deepen the color. This will stain your tub, dry your skin and only indicates it is probably not real Black Soap.

Don't let the "putty like" texture and primitive look of this soap fool you! Due to its texture you don’t want to get the whole bar of soap wet at one time. You can easily cut the soap into smaller pieces with a butter knife. To use, simply take a small piece of soap, dampen and mold in your hand and use with or without a wash cloth and bathe as desired. Black soap lathers extremely well, and a small amount will last a very long time.

You will love this highly sought after soap!


Approx. Large 5-6 oz. bar


"This letter is to “Thank You” for all the wonderful products at Sweet Harvest Farms but especially the African Black Soap.

It has been decades of trying various products, some of which were extremely expensive yet equally un-effective, in an attempt to eliminate razor bumps and the associated dark spots. Approximately six weeks ago I stumbled across the Sweet Harvest Farms booth at the Seminole Heights Farmers Market where I was introduced to African Black soap. I purchased a slab with no previous knowledge other than a sales pitch and testimonials of current users.

Much to my surprise the results were remarkable!

Within approximately 4 weeks, the razor bumps and dark spots were gone. Even family and friends have complimented my skin which is an all-time first. As a result, I have gone exclusively to using African Black soap over my entire body including my scalp. In addition to razor bump elimination, it has helped with dandruff and eczema. It has all but eliminated body odor and my need for under arm deodorants which is significant for me as I sweat profusely during my morning jog and workouts.

This is the best product on the market by far! I am encouraging others to give this product a try from Sweet Harvest Farms as there are others offering a less than superior product.

And for you pet lovers, try the hypoallergenic-pH based dog soap. I promise your pooch will Thank You!

African Black soap is an awesome product!"
~A. B. Thomas, PhD


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Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Black African Soap - Organic and authentic is for you.

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