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Organic and Natural Hand Sanitizer

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Sweet Harvest Farms Organic Hand Sanitizer


Please note that we are filling sanitizer orders as quickly as possible. Orders are being filled in the order they are received with precedence given to our healthcare providers and workers around the country. We are now shipping out in about 3 days time.Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are fighting this together.



"I am in love with Sweet Harvest Farms Hand Sanitizer. I bought this product on Friday and this will be a main staple in my families home from now on in. You only need to use a little bit. No sticky chemical feel or scent. The essential oils are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The scent of this product is fantastic!! I'm a fan for life!"

Thank You, Darra Kollios


I just got my hand sanitizer in the mail! Absolutely love it! It smells amazing and it doesn’t dry my hands even though it is 70% alcohol.

Thanks! V.  Renyer 


I got my first bottle today and I have to say that I LOVE the scent of this sanitizer. My hands feel silky smooth and smell great!
-J. Gail


The World Health Organization states that any hand sanitizer should contain at least 60 percent alcohol. Our hand made organic hand sanitizer contains 75% of the strongest and purest alcohol available (150 proof). Anything lower may not work well on different types of germs.

Are hand sanitizers and other
antimicrobial products bad to use?

Well, theoretically overuse could lead to antibacterial resistance but that has not been proven. While hand-sanitizers do have their place and benefits, it is ALWAYS better to wash you hands with soap and water for at least 26 seconds (sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or “ Happy Birthday” slowly to your self). If you have fake nails it is also advised to use a small brush to scrub underneath the nail as well. Wash vigorously and wash your hands often when traveling or spending time in public places.

Being a surgical technician, our washing protocol was stringent, but all of us should adhere to the same. Washing in-between fingers, paying attention to the back of the hand and not just the palm but fingers as well and finger tips. Most hand dryers are not good to use at they suck up air from the floor which is actually dirtier than the toilet seats in public bathrooms! If paper towels are not available I shake my hands out and let them air dry always trying to find a way to open the door without touching the handle (elbow or toilet paper)

Try not to sneeze in your hands either. Instead the CDC suggest you sneeze into the crock of your elbow.


All of our organic ingredients are used to benefit and help protect-

Highest Grade Alcohol: Alcohol is one of the most commonly used disinfectants. It kills most bacteria and fungi by acting on lipid and protein components of the cell.

Aloe Vera:  For thousands of years this plant has been used for healing and softening the skin. We use 99.75% Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel.

Organic Food Grade Cinnamon Essential Oil: Which has anti-bacterial properties and nutrients.

Organic Food Grade Clove Oil - Contains antiseptic and germicidal properties that help fight infections.

Organic Food Grade Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon Essential Oil acts as a detoxifying agent. Its anti-bacterial properties can also sanitize.

Organic Food Grade Tea Tree Essential Oil:  Tea tree oil has natural Antibacterial properties making it an ideal natural hand sanitizer.

Organic Rosemary Extract:  Not only slows oxidation but can help soothe the skin.

Organic Vitamin E Oil:  Helps support cell function and skin health. It is also an antioxidant which makes it effective in combating free radicals produced by toxins found in the environment.

Completely organic and cruelty free. No sulfates, phthalates, parabens or fillers. No synthetic dyes or fragrances. It is also free of triclosan, preservatives, and harsh ingredients that dry or irritate your skin.  

Hand sanitizers do not take the place of soap and water and should only be used only when soap and water is not available!

Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee, that despite all your efforts, you won’t come down with any illness caused by a virus. 

As with all of Sweet Harvest Farms handmade organic bath and body, our sanitizer is our own recipe and made entirely from scratch. Never a “base” or a re-packaged product from another source. It is not being offered to any stores so you can only buy it from Sweet Harvest Farms.

This sanitizer is not as thick and gooey as what you may be used to. The Aloe Vera we use is pure and DOES NOT contain water (which then requires preservatives and chemicals to be added), irritating Xanthan, or Carbomers or any other additives/ingredients to thicken the Aloe as many commercial sanitizers do. 

Please allow to drip out or cap slowly when using for the first time as VERY LITTLE IS NEEDED! THIS GOES A LONG WAY!

Keep all sanitizers out of the reach and away from children!
Keep away from heat.
For external use only

Remember, if you can wash your hands with soap and water that is always your best line of defense because you are touching handles and surfaces all day long.

*Always do a small skin test first before using any topical product.*


This product comes in two sizes
Choose from 4 oz. (118 ml)
OR 8 oz. (236 ml)


Allow from 7-10 business days before shipment. Having said that, we are moving them out pretty quickly.
Because of the nature of this product and because ingredients are ordered to make this fresh we cannot accept any cancellations or offer refunds at this time.


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Organic and Natural Hand Sanitizer.

Inventory Last Updated: Apr 05, 2020

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