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Article: Burning the midnight oil!

Burning the midnight oil!

Burning the midnight oil!

I don't think I have ever been this tired - ever! Filling orders for both retail and wholesale keep us working 24/7! Not complaining, by any means. I consider myself extremely blessed that so many people find my handmade organic bath and body products nurturing and healing.

Tis' the season, as they say. My Holiday season starts in earnest the beginning of September, ramps up the end of October and reaches complete and utter mayhem the middle of November. Then there are the markets and shows in-between the craziness so I guess you could say we are a "glutten for punishment"!

I never thought in my wildest dreams that Sweet Harvest Farms would have grown so large and so quickly after I started to offer wholesale. I am so grateful to have the medical background, creativity and drive to continue to formulate my own amazing recipes. I have two people that help and family that pitches in when they can, so it is a definite team effort. 

Thankful for what I have been charged with is an understatement and I remember that every day. Anything worth having is worth working for but knowing that what I create from scratch has such a profound impact on my customers makes it all worthwhile.

From my handmade organic soaps, lotions, lip smoothie, tooth powder and more, it is made from scratch with you and your family in mind. If it doesn't pass the muster with family, it isn't good enough to share. Simple as that.


We hope the next year will bring you bounty and blessings! Love and appreciate those that are close. Our time here is very short so live each day to its fullest. This holiday season all of us here at Sweet Harvest Farms wish you peace, joy and health...and of course..."happy lathering"!

A blessed Thanksgiving and wonderful Christmas! 




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