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Read Testimonials about Sweet Harvest Farms

Always, always love your soap! We don’t use anything else. Thank you for continuing to make such an incredible product!
~Danielle LeTendre
Your soap is the ONLY skin cleanser that I have used on my body since 2015 when I bought some items at your booth in Dunedin one weekend.. You had great passion about your products then and I am glad that you are still making your vision a reality.
Now, it will take me over a year to finish my new order but I will definitely be back again, LOL.
 May your year be blessed with great health and prosperity.
Warmest regards,
I love this lotion formula! It leaves your skin silky, not sticky. The lotion is absorbed quickly by the skin, no layer of lotion film, just soft, silky skin.
~Kandas Rodarte
“I received a free set of goodies that I won at the Vintage Days Market. After years of struggling with finding a soap that doesn’t make me itch, their tea infused soap has done the trick!! I’m amazed at their lotion and lip smoothie as well. I can’t say enough good things about their products.”
~Leah Mangold

“Best natural soap-I have been using sweet harvest soap for two years now. I briefly ran out and had to use store brand soap and the difference was crazy. I could feel the protective layer of oils washed off my skin with store brand soap, with Sweet Harvest Farms soap I always feel clean but the natural protective layer of my skin is always still intact.
People worry so much about what they put into their body food wise but have no problem putting petroleum by products in their jar, skin, face, etc. Be aware of everything you put in/on your body.
My wife had cancer and there is nothing worse than watching a family member suffer through something that is so preventable.
Buy Sweet Harvest Farms products, support local businesses and stop stimulating China's economy”- Clay Smaine



"This is tooth powder has save me a lot of dental bills!! My Gum health is so much better!!! Thank you!" - Angela Garcia


Organic Tooth Powder - Fluoride FREE - will leave your mouth and gums healthier than ever before. A few customrs have avoided gum surgery by just using This Tooth Powder!ucu


“I developed psoriasis almost five years ago. I tried every soap that I could get across the counter and what the Pharmacist/dermatologist prescribed for me. Nothing worked!! I did not want to take the prescribed medication due to the horrible side effects. I happen to come across Sweet Harvest Farms while searching online for alternatives. I order one bar of "no more eczema organic handmade soap". IT WORKED! My patches cleared up and the (never ending) itching stopped. Since then, I have never used anything else. I always order several bars at a time so when I start using the last bar, I order again. Sweet Harvest has been a life saver for my skin. Much gratitude and appreciation ❤- Lisa Moyers”


"I have eczema and generally dry skin. Now, I have dried-up Diabetic feet and a general skin infection that pops up twice a year. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have been searching for the right beneficial lotions and soaps since I was a teenager. My very best friend lives near Tampa and sent me a care package of lotion and soap. I cannot truly express how wonderful and healthy my skin is! At one point, I ran out of lotion, but my skin stayed pretty healthy until I could get more. I am so in love with your products! I have gifted both of my daughters with some soap and they also love it! If we can decide on an aroma, we are going to share the purchase of a full box! 
J. Graham"



Two days after receiving the Oh Baby Oh Diaper Balm, my grandson’s bottom cleared up and it’s been perfect ever since! My grandson has battled diaper rash for a good part of his 19mo of life and the zinc products just seem to make it worse. He’s even had Rx that didn’t work. Your product seems to be the magic potion and I am so glad to have found your website!
Malia Noel”


Omg I love your products so much! I actually use your lip balm on my eyelids, and your hand soap and body lotion on my *face!* It's so light and gentle, that it doesn't clog my pores or cause me to break out at all, and the fragrances are fantastic!

It takes a lot of hard work to make these products by hand, and the curing process takes a little time, but the end result is the best handmade products you'll find anywhere! I will never buy another bar of soap or lotion from the drug store again! I'm a customer for life ❤️

~D. Wood


“I’ve been using Sweet Harvest Farms soap and lotion products for about 12 years. These products are hands down the best available.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of using the new baby line, “Oh Baby Oh”! I bought the lotion and the diaper balm to use on our new baby girl and I only wish It was available sooner!

When she was born we had an incredible battle with diaper rash and this definitely would have done the trick!

The diaper balm melts smooth, it isn’t oily and has quick results! It takes away swelling too! I massaged it into her muscles after her vaccine shot appointment and the swelling was gone on her thighs the next day! Both the balm and the lotion smell amazing and are calming.

Super happy and will be a customer for life.”

T. Miatta


"Got the Oh Baby Oh Diaper Balm to try on my 10 month old grandson's diaper rash. He seems to get worse with over the counter ointments but just two days after using Oh Baby Oh his bottom is pink again instead of flaming red!"

M. Barrnoel



"Sweet Harvest Farms and the owner are beautiful. The products I have used so far and C.J.’s true interest in skin health are a combination I was grateful to find. I have used a few different soaps from the Sweet harvest Farms line and they all have smelled so good! They are also moisturizing. I was having problems with dry patches on my hands and body and C..J took the time to talk with me about it and give her suggestions. The Shea Butter bar (balm) is hands down magical and has been very helpful for my skins issues."
Thank you!
Erika A.
Love Sweet Harvest Farms! I haven’t bought soap from anywhere else in the last 3 years. The soap is a must in my household. I have also used the face serum and lip products and love both of them as well. Thank you!
~Amanda Baughman
I highly recommend all her wonderful products. I have been a part of the Soap of the Month Club for the past few years its the only soap we use. Great tooth powder, facial oils and the only lotion I use after every shower it smells amazing , its moisturizing, and best part of everything is that I'm not putting toxins and bad chemicals into our bodies. I love that she cares about making a great product with healthy non toxic ingredients.
~Michelle Blackburn

Sweet Harvest Farms products have truly changed my life. I started using them back in about 2017 when I was at the peak of my worst skin experience, using every product under the sun. I believe these products were a huge part of my “less is more” recovery so I got hooked on the natural and I never looked back... nothing even compares to the clean wholesome quality ingredients of Sweet Harvest nor to the residue free + silk feeling of my moisturized skin after using all products from soap, to lotion, to Shea Butter. My favorite lotion and soap are the espresso!! I have my husband hooked, too, and it’s amazing how long the soap lasts. I feel maximum self care and truly indulgent using these products. Thank you for healing my skin and allowing me to enjoy every moment of day to day normalcies when using your stuff!

Cheers! Katelyn

I love the soaps and lotions! Honestly all of the products are amazing. I always use the soap with the matching scented lotion and get compliments all day long on my “perfume”.

I trust the products are totally organic and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each product. The website is easy to navigate and items are shipped quickly. Love Sweet Harvest Farms!

If you are looking for a company that will give a personal touch and genuinely interested in the customer’s opinion - this is it! The soaps are beautiful, they smell fantastic, the labeling is informative and best of all - it’s amazing soap!! Highly recommend!!

~Robbie Pull


What an amazing product! These soaps are the best ever! And the owners are just as special! A must for any store!

Maria, Fofie & Mia's


Hi CJ! I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I have enjoyed both using and selling your handmade soaps for the past almost 13 years! Ever since I discovered you at a Saturday Market in St. Pete (or maybe it was Tampa) while I was visiting there and getting to know my new granddaughter. I want to thank you for making a really superior product, and for still being in business. It's very much appreciated. And I very much look forward to continuing to sell your soaps in our small gallery, using them myself, and giving them as gifts to my friends and family. Thank you!


Casitas de Gila Guesthouses & Gallery, Gila, NM.


These soaps are amazing! Not only are they beautiful, they smell fantastic and my customers are thrilled with the results of the eczema and blemish soap!

If you are looking for a company that will give a personal touch and genuinely interested in the customer’s opinion - this is it! The soaps are beautiful, they smell fantastic, the labeling is informative and best of all - it’s amazing soap!! Highly recommend!!

 ~Nicole, Pure Hands



What an amazing product! These soaps are the best ever! And the owners are just as special! A must for any store!

~Fofie & Mia's


"I’ve had really bad luck with oils because I suffer from cystic acne so I'm a little scared to try oil again. Actually since I have been putting your lotion on my face, its been the first time in YEARS that my skin is clearing, and I really have to thank you. Something caused me to have HORRIBLE cystic acne when I’ve never had acne in my life, so bad that I would call in to work and not want to even look people in their eyes, and since putting your lotion on my face-its like I’m back to my old self, my skin has cleared drastically. I can’t even thank you enough and I don't know if its OK to put it on my face but I did and I am so glad I did. So I want you to know how amazing you are and how thankful I am for your lotions. Seriously- I love you!!!! I'm buying some more lotion off your site right now."

~ Amanda


"I saw you when you came to Jacksonville Fl at the Diamond D Ranch and purchased a sample pack of soap. I have tried so many and "liked" some, some a little more than others. But my experience with the soap I have purchased from you by far exceeds the quality I expected and the feel and the smells are amazing! I since have purchased a half loaf and now I can't keep my husband out of my soap, he also loves it and he shaves with it with no irritation issues. I have wanted to try the lotion so now here is my chance. Still working on finishing up my last purchase but almost cant wait till it's gone so I can try some of the other fabulous soaps.. Thank you for what you do."
~S. Morrell


Hi CJ,

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE you Surface Spray! So far I have used it on my bathroom counters, faucet and sink. It did an amazing job on my cutting boards and I love the smell. Most of all its a natural product, no harsh chemicals! Thank you!

~ Y.A



You are so sweet to check in on our delivery! We had absolutely no issues at all with our package.

I sincerely appreciate your passion, which is evident in your ingredients, product, website, and customer service. Your company is the reason I would spend three times as much on a product. If only all businesses cared as much as you!

Thank you for being a wonderful representative of small business America!

Also, we LOVE your product and will tell everyone about it! Top quality all around.

Your lifelong customer,
~L. Larsen”


"I am in love with Sweet Harvest Farms Organic Hand Sanitizer. I bought this product on Friday and this will be a main staple in my families home from now on in. You only need to use a little bit. No sticky chemical feel or scent. In fact the aroma is amazing! The essential oils are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The scent of this product is fantastic!! I'm a fan for life!"
~Thank You, D Kollios


Just received my latest order. Thank you for the quick turn around. Your products are amazing and you provide wonderful customer service CJ!
~N. Schuenke


Just received my half loaf order. Soaps smell AMAZING.
Thanks CJ for great products and costumer service.
~Nicole Marshall


I got my first bottle today and I have to say that I LOVE the scent of this sanitizer. My hands feel silky smooth and smell great!
~Julie Gail


“Sweet Harvest farms soap changed my life. I’ve always battled with my skin since I was younger. At 30 My breaks outs were awful, my confidence was
non existent. I was trying everything and it wasn’t working. Then I found You and your amazing soap and lotion. For the past 3 years I’ve been using this
soap and it has complete transformed my skin. I wash my face once in the morning and once at night. My breaks have stopped, my skin is not as red. Its not oily or drying. Its amazing what it can do, it has been life changing using it. I owe you the world for making his amazing product. Thank you for your creativity and craftsmanship. I now have the confidence to shine.
Please never stop making this soap! I’m hooked for life! ❤️”
~Summer Clements

"Cynthia's products (Sweet Harvest Farms) have truly made a huge impact on my skin. I am a professional model and take care of my skin the most natural way possible.

Love the acne/ blemish bar with the brush to exfoliate after a long day photo shoot. I also am a huge fan of her lotions, which don't make me break out!

Lastly, the serum is my favorite, it has natural anti-aging powers and make my skin glow. Sweet Harvest Farms products are part of my daily routine."

~Daniela Brands - Fashion:Commercial/TV/Runaway Model


UNMATCHED QUALITY! Top-notch products in all respects. Absolutely recommend to EVERYONE I know! Many family & friends have converted after gifting Sweet Harvest Farms products. LONG LASTING WITH ZERO WASTE. Impossible to convey via words just how superior SHF products are compared to ANYTHING else offered ANYWHERE! Do yourself a favor and take the leap by making a purchase as this fab array of products without doubt will prove to be above any expectations!!! If cost appears more than you imagine worth... TRUST ME - SOAPS AND LOTIONS GO FARTHER THAN BARGAIN PRICED PRODUCTS AS WELL AS HIGHER END PRODUCTS. THINK: GETTING MORE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE... NO EXAGGERATION!
CUSTOMER SERVICE AS WELL - can't emphasize just how wonderful they are in assisting you. They know their business and make you feel like a special friend.
I only wish products were sold here locally... MY FAVORITE, BOTH ADULT DAUGHTERS AND SIL FAV, MY MOTHER AND MANY CO-WORKERS!!! Daughter uses for my grandson. BEST OF THE BEST... (a real review by an average midwest Kansas Girl)

~Bell Cupp


“I bought the Lip Renew for nighttime because I would wake up with such dry lips. Tried Lip Renew and it only took 1 night before I noticed a huge difference. The renew is not greasy and smells great. It goes on smooth and when you wake up - your lips are smooth and feel “new”. I threw out all my night lip balms and will use Sweet Harvest Farms from now on.”


-Sandi C.


Our Lip smoothie is our answer to those awful drying chap sticks. OUr Lip smoothie contains organic nurturing oils that will keep your lips hydrated and actually help reduce formation of lip lines!


"I received a free set of goodies that I won at the Vintage Days Market. After years of struggling with finding a soap that doesn’t make me itch, their tea infused soap has done the trick!! I’m amazed at their lotion and lip smoothie as well. I can’t say enough good things about their products."

~Leah Crist


"The smooth and creamy soap that smells delightful and feels so good on your skin as you wash"

~Linda Evans


"As an active person I have always used men’s soap or the Irish spring soap type where it leaves a scent throughout the day. The problem I found out with theses soaps, they constantly dried out my skin and left me itchy. I even went to mild to plain soaps (claimed no harsh chemicals) but they still left me with itchy skin and worst of all, no scent! So here for the past few days I used Midnight Dreams. Love it! The smell is manly enough for me lol but no itchy feeling. I feel like the feeling will come back but it’s been 5 days no itchy skin, where normally the itchy feeling comes 10-15 minutes after I shower and throughout the day. I will be definitely be stocking up on these organic homemade soaps. Next will be the Blackbeard soap and the eucalyptus sage...did I tell you I’m in love with this soap!"

~ Roman Guerrero


"I purchased soap from Sweet Harvest for the first time yesterday and they are amazing! I purchased the eczema soap for my daughter and after two uses her skin is so soft and less irritated. I will continue to support this amazing woman!"

~Holly Hudock


Just saw this post and tears are still flowing!


“I can attest as to this amazing line by SWEET HARVEST FARMS! 


Everyone I have gifted products are HOOKED. 


No connection whatsoever to the business other than making my purchases via online shopping... Hence nothing to be gained by sharing my heartfelt  conviction going back eight years with my first order.


The owner and genius behind her products is honestly an incredibly skilled - intelligent woman bringing us goods that of which NOTHING COMPARES! As to the first time purchase I was impressed as to all feedback... Testimonials to her products. Some being well known Hollywood actors. This was only a quite interesting testament as to fact being we know that money is of no concern for them as to their appearance and luxury products... Well, Sweet Harvest Farms has been around for MANY years and has a dedicated, devoted base of all incomes. 


Trust me... A simple woman from Kansas who by chance came across this TREASURE one day browsing the internet. A pure coincidence that was without doubt meant to be! 💜


I have to add... The genius who with her passion built this small company and is hands on in every regard... Is an ANGEL on Earth! This I know via numerous email communications related to products and placing orders. She herself responds and treats you as if you are a dear friend. In summary... BEST OF THE BEST PRODUCTS... HIGH INTEGRITY... UNREAL PRICING ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE PURCHASES AND REALIZES HOW FAR THEY GO - LONGEVITY IS NOT EXAGGERATED WITH THE SOAPS AND THE QUALITY STAYS TRUE TO THE VERY END WITHOUT BREAKDOWN OR SCENT FADE... LOVE ALL THE SOAPS AS THEY DO EXACTLY AS CRAFTED FOR!!! Best skin I have ever had. Same for my ultra picky health conscious 30 year old daughter. 



I wish I had somewhere local to pop in and make my purchases!!! You bet I would be a constant customer as I have found the whole line has something for anyone... Hence making gift giving so easy as I can never tell who more thrilled? The receiver and excitement as to trying something new... Then the RAVES as to their amazement and delirious excitement and urgency as to know more about Sweet Harvest Farms... Where to buy (online here) as they want to try other products and purchase for gifts as well. As online purchasing has always been top-notch I have no complaints whatsoever!!! 

But those than stop in on a whim and make purchases are very, very fortunate!”


Bella Coup



Luxurious handmade Soap for any skin at any age


Sweet Harvest Farms Pure Pit Balm All Natural Deodorant is changing lives!
"So.. I've lost count of the days.. 3 weeks now or so?? But I'm in love with the is THE FIRST all natural deodorant I've used that WORKS!!! All of the others , I ended up stinky within 4 hrs. Your pitbalm lasts all day..and sometimes even into the next. I am amazed!"
~Sandy Wood
Sweet Harvest Farms organic and natural deodorant will last a long time and it works! This aluminum FREE is handmade in small batches to ensure quality control. This is a deodorant that actually works. Sweet Harvest Farms Pure Pit Palm Deodorant will last a very long time!l
I am so Lucky, I got a present in the mail today from Cynthia A. Young-Jennings of Sweet Harvest Farms and I have to say she is incredible!!!!!!!! Her handmade organic soaps are the best, they smell so good it makes you want to eat them lol, the lotions are so wonderful on your skin and they smell soooooooo good! and the lip smoothie ( lip balm) is to die for on your lips, it goes on so smoothe and smells good and makes my lips feel like a babys butt lol, so soft, love love love it all. Just amazing, Thank you from my heart to yours Cynthia!!!!!!!! HUGS, Tammy Jas   

"Hi Cynthia (Sweet Harvest Farms)! Just a quick note of THANKS for the amazing Lavender Bud Relaxing Bath Salts that I purchased from you at The Beatnik!! What an amazing product. I have used salt baths for years but unfortunately as a direct result of asthma generally do plain Epsom salts with a few drops of various essential oil.   FINALLY I have found a wonderful product that smells amazing without aggravating my lungs, soothes my body and mind, and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I consider myself blessed to have found your amazing line of products. Thank you so very much!! I can't wait to try some of your other items."
~ Dee Meador

"I met the owner (CJ of Sweet Harvest Farms) one morning to buy a piece of furniture. It actually didn't work out but she started to tell me about her products. I have serious allergies to metallics, soaps, fragrances and have stopped using soap over 20 years ago! But before I knew it she had handed me a bag full of misc. goods. And so I went home and tired it. It is AMAZING! I'm back with soap....her soap! The Citrus Medley Lotion has become my favorite. I am almost out of the free goodies she gave me that day so I am placing my first real order and I would pay just about anything for it. I love it so much! No reaction, softer smoother skin...and clean! I recommend Sweet Harvest Farms products everyday ...all day!"
~ Stephanie Ann Voth
"I have to tell you that I just got my teeth cleaned and my teeth were not sensitive at all during the cleaning - and they usually are! I've always had sensitive teeth and for some reason since using your tooth powder my teeth don't hurt any more. Mystery to me but I'll take it! Thank you!"
~Cheryl S.
"The Pit Balm is OFF THE CHAIN !! I am so glad I took the time to inquire about it when I was last at the market."
~Stacey L

I met you at the Apopka Art and Foliage Festival on Sunday. I was the guy, if you remember, who has made my own coconut oil based deodorant in the past. After a few months I was red, raw etc.. You told me to email you about your Pit Balm with any feedback or issues since we talked about my making my own before..

Well, I love it. It has not irritated me in the least. It is effective in keeping oder away for a day and it smells fantastic. I bought the detox, but due to not being home every day I didn't get to do it all yet. I am a flight attendant and get hot and perspire on the plane A LOT and the deodorant I've been using which I couldn't remember the name of is "Alvera". It was the cleanest I could find. It works, but not nearly as well as your balm and I know your balm is pure.

It was nice to meet you and I am so glad to have come across your Pure Pit Balm.
~Donald Dollar
Please sign me up for your newsletter. I have been using your soaps since I bought them at the Mt Dora Craft Fair in Fl. I love them.
Thank you!
~B. White.

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Selection, and Wait Time
CJ was amazing !


C.J., I must say I was skeptical about the Pit Balm and put off trying it. It’s been 2 weeks since I started using it and I am loving this product! I should never have doubted! I have also been detoxing my armpits for two weeks also. I am telling everyone about this fantastic product! It should be on every shelf-Whole Foods, Health Market, Publix, HEB, Sprouts Farmers Market etc. You really hit the mark on this one!

Thank you! You are a genius!


We have a 2 year old Vizsla who had extremely dry skin. Their breed has extremely short hair, similar to a Weimaraner which loses natural moisture each time you bathe them. We had used multiple “Organic” soaps but after each bath her skin would get terrible flakey bumps all over it and she would itch uncontrollably. We tried altering her diet to get her more Omega-3 vitamins, but it didn’t seem to be helping either. We stumbled upon your organic soap for dogs at the Hyde Park Farmers Market and have noticed a 100% difference in her skin and coat after bathing. Her dry skin has completely disappeared and she no longer gets bumps after bathing. She smells great and her coat is silky and shiny after a bath. We are so grateful that we found your soap so we don’t have to be nervous each time we bathe her that she will be uncomfortable.

Thank you again!
Kristen and Charlie (and Ollie)

The Decadent Dog - Organic Handmade Dog Soap. Great for your dogs fur and skin. Will not dry out their skin so you can use everyday if you wanted. Always made from Scratch! We offer this handmade organic dog soap wholesale as well
Hi CJ! I've been meaning for quite some time to write you to tell you that I absolutely love your products. For starters, my husband and I have been using your fabulous handmade soaps for quite some time. We love them. They are wonderful. I use to have dry skin on my legs and my husband had dry itchy skin, especially in the winter (he works outside in the elements), but not anymore! We have a mixture of your soaps and we love every one of them. I display them in a big old jar because I think they are beautiful to look at, and it makes it fun to pick out a new one! Thank you for these wonderful soaps! I also love your dog soap. It is fabulous as well! After I bathed my dog I was shocked at how soft and smooth his fur was. I can't get over how well it worked, so I will continue to buy it. Also I have your body silk lotion, in cranberry, and it smells and feels absolutely awesome! My husband is using your beard oil (and he really likes it), and I have your homemade bath salts now and can't wait to use it. I trust the salts will be wonderful as well. I'm looking forward to trying your other products like the deet free mosquito repellent and laundry soap. In summary, I just wanted you to know that I'm a very happy customer, and I want to thank you so much!

~Cheryl S.
So glad you were at the market CJ! Your soap and Face Serum made a difference right away!
I couldn't wait to take my shower this morning! I will see you next Sunday in Hyde Park to buy more!

~Donna Marie
CJ, I followed your suggestions: 1) I shampooed with your Pine Tar soap for 2 weeks, then switched to the No More Eczema soap. 2) I stopped shampooing every day, now just 3 days/wk. next week I go to 2 days/wk. 3) I brush my hair every day, about 40-50 strokes. I started this routine about 6 weeks after speaking with you and before my 6 month dermatology appointment.

At my appointment I told my dermatologist that I was trying something new since the shampoos that I had been using (especially the prescription one) were not giving me any relief from the itching and in fact it seemed worse. I explained that I met a lady (you) who makes her own soap which has helped other people with scalp problems. I told him that I only shampoo my hair with your Pine Tar soap, that I stopped shampooing every day, now just 3 times/wk and that I have been brushing my hair daily. I told him that I have had some relief from the itching, but it still itches at night. That overall there is less itching.

He examined my scalp and he said that it was no longer inflamed and that my scalp actually looked healthy! He said that it is OK to keep doing what I am doing. I anticipate improvement as time goes on. Who knows, maybe the itching will completely disappear. Thank you so much for your products and thank you for your help!

~M. Burkholder
I tried a bar of your soap that I purchased at a church fair because the scent was clove... I am amazed at the length of time a bar lasts, the beautiful scent & the way it leaves your skin. I'm a fan!

~Kathy C.
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful customer service you gave me over the phone when I had trouble ordering on line. Your soaps are the best I have ever used.
Not only do they smell good, but they clean without irritating my skin. My husband loves them too. Being that he has very sensitive skin, your soaps work great for him as well.
I also love all the different aromas you offer which make it fun to order! I want to try all of them and I know in time I will.

Thanks again - Deb
I have tried many different lotions and the oatmeal milk & honey body silk lotion from Sweet Harvest Farms is the ABSOLUTE best lotion I have ever used! -J. Gerbig
Hi Cynthia,
We’ve been using the eczema soap since March 20th and already my eczema and my husband’s psoriasis is so much better (gone for the most part). It’s really saying something when my husband is encouraging me to spend money (because HE wants more soap)! We love it!
Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

All the best,
I'm addicted! I use your soap every day and it is amazing!! My skin has never looked so good! Love you and your soap!

~T. Ferricchia
CJ, your soap is my absolute favorite. And believe me, I've tried them all!! I'm currently loving the Patchouli and got the Amore for my man, so he can smell like love too.

~Jessica B
The H-spot treatment is what is saving my Westie from severe skin allergies. From sleepless nights keeping him from scratching to countless visits to the Doctor. This is the one thing that truly helped. Thank you so much for the H-spot treatment we couldn't have gotten through this without it.

~ Brittany M
This letter is to “Thank You” for all the wonderful products at Sweet Harvest Farms but especially the African Black Soap.

It has been decades of trying various products, some of which were extremely expensive yet equally un-effective, in an attempt to eliminate razor bumps and the associated dark spots. Approximately six weeks ago I stumbled across the Sweet Harvest Farms booth at the Seminole Heights Farmers Market where I was introduced to African Black soap. I purchased a slab with no previous knowledge other than a sales pitch and testimonials of current users.

Much to my surprise the results were remarkable!

Within approximately 4 weeks, the razor bumps and dark spots were gone. Even family and friends have complimented my skin which is an all-time first. As a result, I have gone exclusively to using African Black soap over my entire body including my scalp. In addition to razor bump elimination, it has helped with dandruff and eczema. It has all but eliminated body odor and my need for under arm deodorants which is significant for me as I sweat profusely during my morning jog and workouts.

This is the best product on the market by far! I am encouraging others to give this product a try from Sweet Harvest Farms as there are others offering a less than superior product.

And for you pet lovers, try the hypoallergenic-pH based dog soap. I promise your pooch will Thank You!

African Black soap is an awesome product!

~A. B. Thomas, PhD
Not only do our customers love your products WE DO TOO ! Only reason we carry them is because you literary saved my face from constant irritation and now Brittany with her acne. Our testimonials sell your wonderful product and we won't sell anything we don't believe in. Can't THANK YOU ENOUGH!

~ Carinee
I would like to thank you for the BEST lip balm my husband has ever had. He is fighting ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease & is hanging on. I need to order more Lip Balm ASAP. I purchased the ones we had long ago when you were at 15th St at the Roosevelt.

Margarita C
BEST soap ever! Creamy, beautiful fragrance(s), non-drying and all natural! AND the Body Silk Lotion is to-die-for!
~~~~ Sue B.
I just had to email you to tell you how much I love your soap. They smell wonderful and I feel so squeaky clean after my shower, unlike store bought soap which can leave you feeling dry and itchy. Just knowing that your soap is made from scratch and that you use organic and natural herbs to some of your recipes is enough to keep me as a life-time customer.

~Thanks again, Debbie K.
Cynthia, I just wanted to say what a great job you are doing with your soaps. I had a customer over the weekend who also makes her own soaps yet she thought yours were so nice that she bought some for herself!!! As a business owner I know sometimes you can feel overwhelmed at times and it is good to get good feedback. Great Job!!

~Bonnie D.
Was up late 'shopping' and checked out your website as I usually do. Just wanted to let you know that since I have been using.your soaps, my WHOLE BODY feels wonderful. My skin is so-o-o soft, even my husband comments! About three months ago, I started washing my face with the oatmeal bar and I cannot believe how wonderful my face looks and feels. I used to use a daily scrub and have thrown it away. I no longer use any store-bought products anymore. Can't stand the thought of it! And, I've gotten my friend using your soap as well...she loves it! We took advantage of your special with the free shipping and African Black soap and can't wait til fall to get the specialty bars!

I work in a middle school with a lot of great teachers and I gave two of them a bar last year for Christmas...they loved it! I plan on doing it again this year, but will be ordering more this time! Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I will be a customer for many years!

~Mary Ann
I have bought the Raze soap from you before have been using it for two or three years and it has worked wonders for me and my friends have begun to notice. My  friend's mother has asked me to contact you to buy a soap for her son. Thank        you so much!!
I tried the Tiffany soap today in my shower............divine!!! Love how creamy it is and how your skin feels afterwards. You feel like you don't even need a body lotion..........BUT!!! I still slathered the Lavender skin silk on, and felt so incredibly luxurious!
The fragrance, while not heavy at all, has stayed with me most of the day. Beautiful!! I want a gallon of it! LOL. I also used the lavender bud soap just to wash my hands yesterday and today, and the same that I said about the Tiffany soap applies to the Lavender one. Even though I have already had my shower this morning, I am so tempted to have another one using one of my new soaps LOL
Honestly BEST soaps I have used.
~S. Barton
Hi Cynthia, Wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your products. The lip balm really came in handy on our trip to the coast, really windy down there. I am really impressed with the quality of your products and will definitely order again soon. Thank you for the lotion, that was a nice surprise. A very happy new customer,
~L. Grimes
Thank you for making soaps. My youngest son has Eczema and hasn't used medication for years...your soap and oatmeal lotion have worked wonders. Everyone in my family now uses your soap and we have a few friends that are starting to use it also!
With Respect,
~Stephanie M.
I absolutely love the body polish (scrub). My skin feels clean, smooth and smells divine. It's "pure luxury in a pot!" Thank you CJ
Less than a week ago after numerous Zumba classes, I could barely move! My body was so sore! After much complaining, I was introduced to Sweet Harvest Farms Bath Salts! That night, I got into my tub after putting 6 small spoonfuls (even the spoon is provided!) of the bath salts while the water was running. I must say, after 25 minutes of soaking, I felt like a new person! I don't usually write testimonials, but I felt I had to let people know what's out there if they experience the same soreness that I had!
Congratulations on such a wonder product!
~Linda C.
I have to tell you what your soap did for me…I have for years gotten small boils under my arms very painful they say is stress caused. My doctors have tried everything under the sun I have popped more pills then you can imagine spent I don’t know how many nights crying because they hurt. Within days of using the lavender you sent they went away and have not been back. Told my doctor and he is amazed. I am not stretching it when I tell you they hurt so bad and could not get rid of them for even one day. I had forgotten what it feels like to not have them... I don’t know why but it worked and I wasn’t even expecting it to do anything!

~D. Bush
OMG This is one of the best Handmade soaps I have ever used!! And I wish more people WOULD buy it!! The scent is so soft and lovely. The softness of the lather, the ease of rinsing it off and what it does to my skin! Oh gosh, it's just the best. I have many fragrances in my boutique, I can't say enough good about it!!

~Shabby Jen
I was finally able to use some of the products I purchased from Sweet Harvest them!! Best hand made products I've ever purchased, can't wait to try more. You rock!!

I’ve only been using your goat milk soaps for a very short time but I LOVE them. I’ve had chronic dry skin my entire life and I can already see a noticeable difference in my skin. You have a long time buyer in me. Thanks for offering such a wonderful, great smelling product.
My husband raves everyday how much he loves your soap!! I really mean everyday!! Love your soap!
I love your soaps! I have been giving them to my friends and family members as a little extra kick to birthday and holiday gifts. Thanks much for such a wonderful product! I hope you enjoy making these products as much as I enjoy using them and giving them as gifts.

~Becky A.

I simply had to write to give my "accolades" for a fabulous Handmade laundry soap product. I love your soap. It's the only kind I can use because of my skin. So never go out of business!!! Thank you so much!
~T. Frazier
I have read the other remarks, so to say that this is one fabulous laundry soap would be redundant but have to say it anyway. It is great! I would have said that my laundry was good before but after using your laundry soap, I see that was not the case. With my first load, my whites were so much whiter. I got the lavender scent as that is my absolute favorite. It is not over powering but so relaxing. An extra bonus is that my laundry room smells scrumptious all the time now with the soap sitting out there. :-) However, there was another added bonus that no one as mentioned and it was such a biggie that I simply had to write to you about it. Because your laundry soap rinses out so well, shrinking doesn't seem to be a problem. I have a quilt and when I wash it, it shrinks so that it takes a few bed makings before it fits well again. I just washed it for the first time in your laundry soap and when I put it back on the bed, it fit perfectly!! WOW! I will not be without this laundry soap ever again. Thank you for making such a fabulous product available to us.



I just want to comment on your Decadent Dog Soap and the H-Spot Ointment that I purchased for my dogs. I have Cocker Spaniels and most cockers have problems with their skin. They are called hot spots and can turn into infections if not treated. One of my cockers is always getting these hot spots and became so bad that I had to bring him to the vet for meds. My dogs were visiting with my daughter and she had recommended your soap and ointment. So I began washing them with it every day for 3 days and applying the ointment to the hot spots and it totally cleared them up! I wasn't totally convinced though because the one dog was on meds. So now a month later no meds and he started to develop the hot spots again. I thought I could fix it with medicated washes but that did not work, only dried him up more and more irritating. So I decided to give the ointment a try again, and I must say it has been two days since I applied the ointment and I can see the skin healing!! The best part about it is that it is non toxic, you know dogs like to like their troubled areas, with this ointment I can feel safe that they will not be ingesting anything toxic, because all of the ingredients are natural and safe. Thank you for making this soap and ointment! I will pass it along to my groomer and suggest carrying it in her store.

~April A.
Hot spot organic ointment for dogs. Help your dogs skin with this hot spot ointment to help stop the itch from allergies.
My mom purchased some soaps for me at Christmas time. I absolutely adore them. CJ, You are awesome. Time has just got away from me and I need some Mother's Day Baskets! I have ordered from you a lot, trust your judgment, and know your quality cannot be found in any other product.
Thank you!
~K. Kreminski
She bought me the Lemon Verbena and the Eczema soap. I use the Eczema soap on my son and I don't know if it was the soap or the change in diet (because I changed them simultaneously), but his skin is completely cured of the moderate to severe Eczema. Either way, I am a believer!

Hi! My name is Justine. One of my clients gave me 2 of your soaps for a Christmas present, and boy do I LOVE them! My skin is so sensitive and your soaps are one of the only kind that does not dry out my skin or break it out.
Thank you so much!

My husband and I used the laundry soap this weekend with the vinegar as recommended. It is all you describe and more! We both love the scent and were surprised at how soft the clothes were even without fabric softener. The scent doesn't evaporate either - nice! We did have some clumps of soap left in the dispenser so I just grated the second bar into smaller pieces and used a little less. That seemed to help.
We love Sweet Harvest Farms!

I'm not sure how I first found you, but I placed a good-size order for soap (and one candle) a month ago so I could compare the fragrances and quality to other "handmade" soaps I have purchased in the past. Now I know -- there is no comparison!! I used the soap myself and love it and my office (where I have the bars) smells like heaven. I gave a bar to each of my employees so that they have personal knowledge of the product as well.
Will be ordering more soon!


My husband has been visiting friends and staying with them a few nights. They have a teen age daughter that has a favorite coat that is white. It is so dirty that they were going to throw it away. They tried to get the stains out (by the pockets where your hands go in and under the arms) and to no avail. They used all kinds of products but nothing worked. My husband had a bar of laundry soap with him and told her to try it. She put the coat in an oversized sink and wet the laundry bar and just rubbed it on the spots. Amazingly, it came out perfectly clean! The mother was just shocked and is now sold on the laundry soap! Thought you'd like to hear that!

~Barb W.

I am in love with the laundry soap! Talk about soft clothes - my mom is here visiting and is taking some home with her! I can't quit talking about it and can't wait to do another load of laundry!

Just wanted to send you a note to tell u how fabulous your soap is. I tried the Citrus Medley and I absolutely love it. The fragrance is beautiful, not overpowering and not too light...and it really makes the skin soft. An added bonus....your soap leaves my bathroom smelling awesome!!! I have them on display in my primitive "soap" bowl.
Also, the lotion is amazing. You are right when u say you only need to use a little....a little goes a long way. The Secret Garden scent is great...I like the fresh scent and I can't wait to share your products with my readers. I've already raved about them to some of my friends. You've definitely gained a customer in me. I am looking forward to trying your other products, including your potpourri!
Thanks again!

I just nicked my elbow and dripped blood on a white T and the pants. That stain remover soap (laundry soap) I got from you does a super job on blood! Thank You
I received my soap yesterday from your eBay auction and have already used the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey in my bath. I LOVE it! Besides smelling wonderful, the lather is creamy, rich and moisturizing. My son-in-law talked me out of the Cinnamon Stick and I've set aside the Rose Petals for my mother because she loves Florals. My daughter really liked the OMH, but I wasn't budging on that one! Thank you sooooo much for the two free bars of soap! That was such a nice surprise. Really, I'm just so pleased with your soap. It smells wonderful, too. I can keep my whole family stocked with your great soaps Thanks again.
Hi, CJ! I just wanted to let you know that I got my wonderful soaps on Friday and I just love them! I've been using the rose petal one on my face. It is fabulous! I have sensitive skin, but so far the Rose Petals one has worked great - my skin feels so soft. Also, I can't remember ordering the rose petal lotion, so that must have been a sweet gift from you. Well, I LOVE it and wanted to thank you! It smells heavenly and is oooo very soft. What an incredible lotion. I just love your handmades!


I had to email you to tell you how much I love the soap. I got them and was so excited to take a shower I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I've been using the rose scented soap and I love it. The lather is amazing and feels so great! I don't know how to explain it other than using the word soft; its softer than anything else I've ever used. I have such dry and sensitive skin and I've been flat out amazed because my skin is so soft, it isn't dry, and I'm not having to slather myself in lotions that smell bad just to stop the itch anymore, and NO ALLERGIC REACTION! Lol whoo hoo! I feel cheesy writing that like I'm on a commercial or something, but the change in my skin has been phenomenal, plus I love that I can use it on my face. Thank you for making soap, real soap, and I mean that seriously. No more itching for me means no more having to keep my nails short to keep from accidently gouging myself, it means no more flaky, ashy looking legs, and no more feeling greasy and sticky cause I have to use insanely thick nasty lotion on myself. So really, Thank you! I'm already planning on ordering more for my family and friends so I can get around the being selfish of keeping the ones I already have LOL!
~J. Magnuson
I received my order of soaps last week.  They smell wonderful.  I used the soap for laundry on my husband's clothes.  He manages a breakfast and lunch restaurant and I always keep his clothes separate from mine because of the grease smell.  Well when I washed them I immediately gave it the sniff test..........and no smell.  I was shocked. They smelled so clean. Even after I dried the clothes they usually have a faint greasy smell.  But not this time.  The soap is great!.
Thank you for a wonderful product.
~D. Bennett
My name is Marty, I am a pediatric nurse in St. Pete, Fl. I met you on Saturday at Macdill AFB. I was very happy to see you there because my daughter had purchased some soap from you several months ago, since then, I have been hoping that you would be back and luckily for me you were there.  In October of last year, I colored my hair with a dye I purchased from a local store, and I had a terrible allergic reaction.  My hair fell out and I had a terrible rash that eventually spread from my head to my entire body.  I had seen 5 or 6 doctors who (of course), refused to believe that this was from the hair dye.  Finally, after I had researched myself, I decided to change soap as I had such a bad reaction that my entire immune system was in hyperdrive. I changed to your soap. Then I laid in the sun (nude as it covered my whole body) and guess what, the rash was gone in just a matter of hours. I continue to use the soap because it has done wonders for healing my skin and keeping the rash away. Thank you!! I think that if we get back to more natural and old fashioned ways of taking care of ourselves, we would be much better off. The doctors are amazed and cannot believe that all their medications and theories and all the lab work and the biopsies were WRONG. Anyway thanks again and please keep making soap. I have told my friends and they look forward to using your product.  As a matter of fact, I shared some of the soap I purchased with a friend who is having the same problem. I'm sure she'll be happy with the results.
Thanks again, Marty Benner
I purchased 7 bars, 5 regular for me, 1 for bathing my dogs and the no eczema bar for my daughter.  Well...all I can say is you weren't foolin' around!  My daughter has suffered with relentless eczema most of her adult life.  After only TWO uses, the eczema on the back of both arms was all but gone.  She couldn't believe it (not to mention she hated using bar soap to begin with).  Now she uses your soap faithfully.
My daughter said she NEVER uses bar soap on her face...and only uses one brand normally on her body because of the horrible drying effects.  She LOVED this soap and used it all over the whole time she was here visiting.  She couldn't believe how moisturized and soft all of her skin was after her shower.
I also bathed my dogs with the bar I bought for them.  Their coats were softer, shinier and far more manageable than ever before.  I have two American Eskimo dogs...and boy do they have fur!  In fact, they have a double coat which is doubly difficult to handle.  
Then there's me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My fine lines have gone away on my face (just as you mentioned other customer's have told you), my skin has tightened and has a wonderful, youthful glow to it now.  It's the same for the rest of my body. I must tell you, I use your soap every time I wash my face now!  I prefer it to anything I've ever used in the past.  Not to mention how lovely the scents fill my bath and bedroom.
It's so great to find a business that cares about people's health and pocketbooks and that has an old fashioned sense of pride and virtue.  I'm pleased...thank you - thank you - thank you!

~Mary Rogers
Am finally able to review the Shea Butter Bar, and IT WORKS! My husband says: "Cleared up radiation burns on my forehead. Great to get rid of those burns!"