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Article: Be Kind

COVID has changed everything. How we react to it is key. Please slow down, be kind and love fiercely. WE will still be here offering hand made organic soap from scratch because we care about the skin you're in!

Be Kind

Well hasn't this been a kick in the pants! Who could've ever foreseen at Christmas what was to come in just a few months? We should've, would've and could've saved more for that rainy day, like my parents are always preaching, for one example. Or, perhaps gotten that project done ahead of time or visited that family member or friend sooner. It has certainly taught me to slow down and breathe, reflect, and appreciate the people in my life. We all have our own "should have done story," especially if you own a business.

As a small business owner we all know that adapting is key to longevity, and good customer service should be a constant, not a rarity. We here at Sweet Harvest Farms have always placed our customers front and center and the new norm we all are experiencing has not changed that philosophy. 

I was blessed to have already been working on an organic hand sanitizer and surface spray recipe since Thanksgiving. Circumstances prompted me to offer these products much sooner than I had planned. I was thankful for that, as it enabled me to supply what ended up being a much needed commodity. It not only kept us busy, but with your help, we have been able to send out wellness boxes to healthcare workers on the front line. Thank you for that!

A few projects that I had not completed are coming soon. Organic Face Toners, Room Sprays, and an Organic Fruit and Veggie Spray are now in the works. Many like me are trying to give our customers not only what they want but need as well, so please keep your local and small businesses in mind when needing something for your family and friends. We may not be able to offer next day delivery or offer rock bottom prices like the big box stores but what we do offer is handmade from the heart. We are the backbone of a country known not only for its diversity but its ability to step up to the challenge of supplying our neighbors with what is truly needed - commitment and handmade organic products that surpass all expectations.

I hope we all will continue to learn to adapt to whatever comes our way. I pray we all will be kind through it all. I would like to see us slow down and take time to embrace what really matters - family, friends and the beauty that surrounds us everyday. As cliche' as it sounds, we truly are all in this together.    

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