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Article: Why can't everyday be like Christmas?

Why can't everyday be like Christmas?

Why can't everyday be like Christmas?

We are all but human, as they say, so it's no surprise that the Christmas spirit brings out the best in us. We gather with friends and family for dinners, parties and shopping. We also tend to give more to those we see that may be less fortunate.

I routinely will purchase peoples groceries for them as they are checking out. I may do this for a mother that may have 3-4 children clinging to her skirt or an older couple that you know are living on a fixed income. We take food to where they feed the homeless during the Holidays and take a tag from the Children's Giving Tree to buy a child's Christmas gift. Every year my daughter, Vanessa, always finds a family to gather clothing and food for, soliciting friends and family to help gather goods. I know you do the same.

Then sitting in the car recently I watched so many families, single people, elderly, homeless, and veterans go into the grocery store. You could tell by their clothing, and even their body language, that they just didn't have the bounties I have been so blessed with. They need just as much help During the rest of the year as they do during Christmas. Why do we just feel the need to share and give during the Holidays?

Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Is it truly the spirit of the Holidays that move us? Just because it's Christmas shouldn't make a bit of difference. Giving and sharing should be something we feel moved to do year round. It doesn't have to be huge or earth shattering. Like paying for the toll for the car coming up behind you. Why not pay for the next person in line in the fast food drive through? Keeping change for the person next in line that is short that $5. How about picking up the tab for a family at the local diner? We could buy an extra few canned goods and drop them off at the homeless shelter. There are a million ways to help others in small ways that may not seem monumental to us, but are probably huge to them.

So why can't everyday be like Christmas? If we only did one small kind thing everyday...each of us...can you just imagine what the ripple effect would be? Isn't that what we are really here for?

My favorite quote that is listed on the Sweet Harvest Farms website is :

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."
                                                                                        -Woodrow Wilson

Our Sweet Harvest Farms family wishes blessings, health and happiness for you and your family this holiday season and all throughout the year. Beginning today, let everyday be like Christmas!


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