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Shea Butter Bars - Organic

Sale price$56.00

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter Bar Salve for extra dry skin. also helping to heal skin damaging effects from cancer treatments
Shea Butter Bars - Organic Sale price$56.00

Customer Reviews

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Miracle Maker

My very best friend gave me a jar of Shea Butter Bar for some rough spots and my diabetic dry skin. This stuff is wonderful! I use it on those under-boob irritated sweaty areas and it heals overnight. Elbows and heels look human again. A single jar has lasted over a year. I highly recommend this salve. I don't ever want to be without it.

If you have your skin just a tiny bit damp before you apply it will actually help its absorption even more. So little is needed it WILL last for a year or more! So glad you are happy with it.

Pat Getz
Love It

I really like the Shea Butter Bar. I loved using it on my face, hands and lips this winter. It works really well and a little goes a long way. I will definitely be purchasing it again.

Pat, the Shea Butter Bar is a definite game changer for those with extra dry skin patches AND it alst forever. Thank you for your patronage!

Doug V.
Amazing Pine Tar Soap and Tea Tree oil Shea Butter Bar

I recently ordered the Organic Pine Tar soap and the Tea Tree oil Shea Butter bar in hopes of helping relieving my psoriasis area on my lower scalp. I’ve only used it for six days and already I notice a huge difference. I feel confident with a little more time using these products that my issue will be gone. I’m so glad I took the chance of buying these items. Also, I spoke with the owner of the company and she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I will continue to use Sweet Harvest Farms products from here on out. Thank you so much for everything.

Doug, using the Shea Butter after the Pine Tar can make all the difference in soothing the effects of psoriasis. I suggested to a friend that taking 100 billion IU of refridgerated pro biotics everyday (gluten and soy free) might help even further and hers patches are now completely gone! Thank you for your patronage!

Luisa Wakeman
Amazing quality and scent!

Wonderful product! Looking for great results. Thank you so for getting it to me so quickly.