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Article: The Dog Days (and cats) of Summer

The Dog Days (and cats) of Summer

The Dog Days (and cats) of Summer

Whoever coined that phrase certainly got it right! Max and Mr. Morton gaze out the front window waiting for some sign of Fall or even the slightest hint of a breeze.

The days are long, hot and steamy here in Florida, but I try to take advantage on upping the production of my organic handmade soaps, lotions, lip smoothies and more because the frenzy starts in earnest in less than 7 weeks!

Orders begin to rush in more than usual beginning in August for Fall and Winter. I know, I know... how can one possibly think of Holidays approaching when the sun is drying up our grass and the humidity fogging our glasses? Well, my customers have learned that getting orders in early is almost necessary. That's because orders are filled in the order they are received. I will even get orders in August from customers that have learned to use the Note Box at check out to their advantage letting me know that they will not need product in place until Sept 30. My retail customers purchase our handmade organic bath and body in bulk to make sure they have enough on hand for those last-minute gifts and parties. Quite smart if you ask me!

In the months ahead I will be adding my own recipe (version) of Thieves Oil to my product list but since that name is trademarked, and my recipe a tad different, it will be named something else. Stay tuned via my Newsletter for updates.

We are busy here in the dead heat of summer producing and formulating new and exciting organic bath and body recipes for everyone in your family! Rain or shine, heat or cold, we know how important Sweet Harvest Farms products are to you, your family, and friends.  

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