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A Note from CJ


There are always special people in your life that can make all the difference when it comes to ones success. Not only financially but spiritually as well. They continually give their support (emotionally and physically), put up with all the late nights, tolerate all the craft supplies that make their way into every nook and cranny in the house, and allow you to hog the home PC-even when its not your turn. I won't even mention the dolls and paintings that are cluttered everywhere in various stages of completion! They are always there to give you well-meaning advice when they really don't have a clue about what you do (but its nice to know they care enough to give their opinion) and besides, sometimes you need it!

To my family, especially my husband, thank you so much for putting up with the late nights (almost every night) making organic soap, lip smoothies, bath salts, organic hand sanitizer and so much more.

Then there are friends that you meet along the way that share your dreams, give those "pep-talks" when you feel like giving up, and make them-selves available to just listen, day or night via phone or email.

We don't thank all those extraordinary people enough. In fact, we tend to take them for granted, even though we don't mean to. After all, we couldn't do what we do in this business unless we had shoulders to lean on.

A special thanks to mom and dad for their infinite patience, even though I was hard to understand (and still am!), and just being there even when I didn't deserve it. Much gratitude to my husband, Duane and children Vanessa, Alisha, Shadai and Seth for putting up with my whacky ideas and taking up space with all my creations. You know, us "artsy-fartsy creative types" can be hell to live with!!

My gratitude to Jen, Erica and Tiffany my website guru's and graphic artist’s, for taking my vision and bringing it to "life". Jen, thank goodness I found you again! Then there is Jeremy of “Jeremy Scott Photography” that brought our to life! Sweet Harvest Farms may not have survived its sudden growth spurt without all these wonderful supporters.

Our clientele is no different. Without their patronage our business would certainly cease to exist. You are appreciated! To each and every one of you, and you know who you are, thank you so very, very much. Even though our dreams may differ, you've allowed me to pursue mine. I only hope I have done the same for you.