Since 1987 we have been committed to pioneering authentic organic handmade bath and body. C.J. of Sweet Harvest Farms, uses her 24 yrs of medical experience to formulate her own unique natural and handmade organic soap and lotion recipes that are both luxurious for your skin and kind to the earth. Originally from Helotes, Texas (still has her home there) C.J. owns a small, but thriving family owned company. We are proud to that you are perusing our website that supplies our products that are enjoyed and appreciated throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

Our core belief is that everyone should have easy access to quality bath and body. Our products make a valuable contribution to sustainable agriculture by supporting organic farmers, and producers of organic oils. Through enriching and caring for the eco-system (our products do not harm the earth), we are helping to protect the world that we pass on to our children.

Sweet Harvest Farms NEVER uses bases, but instead creates handmade soaps, lotions, tooth powder and more, entirely by hand in small batches to ensure quality control. Using only the highest quality food grade organic oils, clay's and herbs on the market, C.J.'s products have become highly sought after by health conscience individuals!
Duane and Cynthia Jennings of Sweet Harvest Farms handmade organic soap, lotion, tooth powder and more!
(C.J. and husband Duane Jennings)
Many lovingly referring to her as a “Bathologist”!
Sweet Harvest Farms handmade organic soaps and bath and body products DO NOT contain Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Phosphates, harsh Chemicals, Mineral Oils or Petroleum by-products of any kind, so you can buy with confidence knowing that what you are using is made with the most sensitive of skin in mind.
“if it’s not good enough for my friends and family, it’s certainly not good enough for my customers!”
Enjoy your purchase and please remember to read all instructions accompanying your product. It's not just's an experience!
 “What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul”