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Real Handmade Soap 101-The sordid truth of what you may be using!

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Handmade Soap 101



Saving a few $$ on handmade soap may not always be the wisest choice and here's why:

Sweet Harvest Farms has formulated a Cold-Processed soap recipe all their own that consist of organic, soothing and luxurious ingredients to create a unique handmade soap. This wonderful soap not only leaves you squeaky clean but also gives you soft, supple and silky skin. Commercial brands often siphon off the glycerin to sell as a by-product. In doing so their soap can leave you feeling dry and itchy. I don’t even refer to commercial products as soap. The FDA has started to levy a hefty fine on those that claim to sell “soap” when it is actually a beauty bar or melt and pour product. Due to these fines many popular commercial brands now say “beauty bar” on their label! Even those that claim to be natural use some variant of chemicals. Some use petroleum, esters (which can cause cancer), alcohols (that can dry your skin), lower grade oils, waxes, detergents (which give them the big lather) and preservatives. Remember, your skin is the largest organ and absorbs any and everything you put on it - that in turn goes into your blood stream!



*OPEN NOTE: You cannot wrap true soaps in cellophane or put them in a box. TRUE soap needs air to continue to cure and every soap needs to be marked with a cure date on the back label! It has been brought to my attention that some so called "soap makers" are putting cure dates on their soap to outwardly deceive. That is unfortunate.

True soaps cannot be kept in "logs" and cut to sell (a gimmick). Soap becomes almost too hard to cut within a day or two of being made.

So how can you tell it it’s a true bar of soap? Well some can be a little shiny and feel a little oily, moist or tacky to the touch. It may not be as heavy or dense as a true bar of soap. You also cannot see through a real bar of soap. The real proof is in the pudding. If the bar melts quickly, becomes slimy when wet or "gooshy" throw it away. If it leaves a film on your skin or your tub, or if you feel itchy after a shower or bath stop using it at once.

Are there other true soap makers besides Sweet Harvest Farms out there? Of course there are, with recipes all our own.  We are few, but we are out there! The best way to spot fraudulent products of any kind is to do research -research and more research! It might be a pain in your derrière but if you want the best quality for your family and friends I would take the time.



  • debjwood1- No research needed since we found @sweetharvestfarms many years ago. I, my husband, children, grandchildren, and our dog only use SHF. We even take it on trips/vacation with us.
  • We put cure dates on our bars now but had no idea shops selling melt and pour and soap made of a base were doing the same :( As a shop owner it is very frustrating to hear this...even more disappointing to hear as a shopper. I love your soaps and when it's time to splurge or treat myself @sweetharvestfarms and one other local soaper are all I trust. Keep up the fantastic work!
  • T.F.- Thank you so much. I just don't know how some people sleep at night. I could not in good conscience sell an inferior and possibly harmful product just to put a few bucks in my pocket


What is referred to as "Glycerin Soap" is a melt and pour product that comes from a factory that others re-melt at home, store or factory (manufacturing plant), color, scent and add Glycerin to. Glycerin can come from Vegetable plant oil BUT can also come from Bio-Diesel Fuel derivative which can be a bit scary as the latter does not have an odor that makes it undetectable. It also cost a lot less so most use what comes from bio-diesel fuel.

Our Cold Processed Soap making method retains 100% of the natural soap glycerin (a natural by-product of the cold process method we use) which medical professionals say is essential to hydrate your skin. Our Handmade soaps DO NOT contain synthetic/lab based preservatives or chemicals of any kind and do not become tacky, slimy or melt quickly and you don't have to worry about leaving them in your shower! (unfortunately there is no such thing as a natural preservative) What makes commercial bars lather? As mentioned in the paragraph above -harsh detergents! Our soaps have a rich creamy lather that is obtained by mixing the right combination of nurturing organic oils - NOT harsh detergents.


Our soap is made in small batches- entirely from scratch - NOT A BASE! Each bar is individually cut and hand-wrapped to insure quality control.

Natural colorants are used in our wonderful soaps to bring out the beauty of each bar and organic and natural herbs are added to some of the recipes. Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable) and Coconut oil are just a few of the rich oils used to create this luxurious line of soap.

Rosemary extract and Vitamin E is used in every batch. Because it is an organic antioxidant, it is used as a preservative to prevent oxidation and can extend the color and scent of the soap for up to 2 yrs! There is no added scent with Rosemary Extract. Rosemary is known for its preservative qualities and has been used as natural "preservatives" for centuries, even in meat and other food products. Most importantly, it is also widely used as a protecting element in all-natural body care products. Antioxidants are useful not only as preserving elements in all-natural products, they have been known to keep your body healthy. When topically applied, Rosemary's anti-oxidizing capabilities is said to aid in keeping your skin, hair and body looking and feeling youthful. Although the aging process is inevitable, there are ways in which antioxidants maintain and protect your body from harmful external elements.

There are very few true soap makers left that stay true to the old fashion method of soap making used literally thousands of years ago. Excavations of ancient Babylon uncovered cylinders with inscriptions for making soap around 2800 B.C.E. Later records from ancient Egypt (c. 1500 B.C.E.) describe how oils were combined with alkaline salts to make soap. C.J. has taken this ancient recipe and added rich organic oils and vitamins. Many customers refer to our soap as medicinal because of how it makes their skin feel.


The pure properties of Sweet Harvest Farms Soap make it ideal for the most sensitive of skins (including tiny-tots!) and are handmade right here in America! Fragrances added are made with essential or skin safe fragrance oils. Our large bars weigh approximately 7 oz. or more and each bar WILL LAST 8 - 10 WEEKS!! You will be more than pleased with the condition of your skin after just one use of a Sweet Harvest Farms bar! Take a peek at our Testimonial page to see why our customers will use nothing else!

Note: Sweet Harvest Farms, original and copy-written, luxurious soap recipe is not sold under any other name. This recipe is exclusive to Sweet Harvest Farms and we take our intellectual rights seriously protecting them to the fullest extent available to us.


It's not just soap....It's an experience!



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