"There is nothing more memorable than a smell"

Organic fire starters - jumbo size!

Fire Starters - Jumbo size - Organic, Natural and Aromatic!
Sweet Harvest Farms
Organic Jumbo Fire Starters
”Purchased the jar of fire starters and simmering potpourri at the Waterstreet Market yesterday and couldn’t wait to get home to try them. Exceeded my expectations and what I really like is they aren’t holiday specific. The aroma is just a nice blend and I plan on using the potpourri all year so I hope she keeps making them!”
Jean R.”


These fire starters have been months in the making! They are so unique and smell amazing! Best of all these are CHEMICAL FREE!


We started by soaking all the natural elements in our special Sweet Harvest Farms aromatic recipe of clove, orange, lemon, vanilla, rosemary, cinnamon, balsam fir and cranberry essential oils and then actually added a bit more to the melted organic soy wax.


Ingredients: Star Anise, whole Cloves, Bay Leaves, Peppercorns, Dried Oranges, Dried Apples, Cinnamon Sticks, whole Nutmeg, Putka Pods, Chinese Lanterns, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, cranberries and so much more. Grasses, twigs, dried flowers, and seeds may be included in these beautiful fire starters.

All handmade, there may be slight variations in appearanceThese are free of chemicals and artificial additives making for a clean burn. This is NOT a candle and should not be used as one.

Using Sweet Harvest Farms Fire Starters is a simple and beautiful way to get your fire started, and they also make wonderful gifts!

Gather your friends around the fit pit, enjoy the aroma, and sit back and enjoy your company!

To use:

~Place a fire starter at the bottom of a wood burning fire place or fire pit. (cannot be used with a gas fireplace)

~Stack twigs, paper and logs around the fire starter leaving a little room for air flow.

~Light the wick on the fire starter and let the fire starter light your logs.

~These are jumbo fire starters so they should continue to burn for 10-15 mins or more.

~Remember to keep away from children and flammable objects.

-Fires in your fire place, wood stove or fire pit, will burn hot enough to disintegrate the wax.

How to Store:

~Store your fires starters in a cool dry place. An air tight container or even a muslin bag would work.

-4 Fire Starters - $28

-6 Fire Starters in 1 Gallon glass jar- $60 
Lavender and rosemary sprigs, cinnamon sticks and a dried orange slice, to add to your fire, are nestled with the 6 fire starters inside the 1 gallon jar. (makes a great display too!)! Tied up with ribbon and tag.

Enjoy the aroma while they burn!


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The Holy Grail of Soap Making

Making organic handmade soap is laborious in itself, but formulating a great cold-processed soap recipe adds a whole other level! Creating organic lotion, tooth powder, dog soap recipes and more takes time and research. Oh my, the research! Having said that, it is actually half the fun. Presenting products from new recipes to family and friends gives us the honest feedback necessary to keep us on our toes. It also gives us the ability to continue to offer you the best organic, food grade bath and body on the planet! Yes, all of Sweet Harvest Farms bath and body products are earth friendly as well!