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Soft and Supple Kissable Lips

Soft and Supple Kissable Lips

Lip Smoothie - For hydrated smoother lips!

Who likes chapped lips? No one!  

Our Lip Smoothie is more than just a hydrating balm -it's a nourishing blend of organic oils that not only pampers but also works magic on those dreaded lip lines! A little luxury that enhances both the softness and contour of your lips.

Most people buy whatever they can without really giving any consideration (or at least much consideration) to the active ingredients within. Bees wax is a popular ingredient used in lip products because it makes your skin feel soft but did you know that bees wax pulls every drop of moisture from your lips? Many lip balms contain over 75% of bees wax with no real oils to benefit your lips! That’s why you keep having to reapply every 30 mins or so. 

By using only a pinch of beeswax, our lip smoothie avoids the dehydrating effect, focusing on what lips truly crave - moisture! It's a thoughtful approach that keeps your lips happily hydrated without unnecessary dryness.

A perfect solution for those seeking genuine lip care.

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