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Bath, Body, and Home Necessities

Bath, Body, and Home Necessities

Our quest for natural bath accessories, sustainability and skin health are paramount.

We opt for materials like sisal, raime, sea sponge, loofah, bamboo, and natural wood, which not only effectively exfoliate, soften, and soothe the skin but also boast eco-friendly properties.

Unlike nylon and plastic, these materials do not gradually release particles into the atmosphere during use, making them easier to biodegrade and better for both you and the environment.

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Again face brush is better than washcloth. A good facial brush can clean pores better. This face brush can help remove dead skin cells as wellSweet Harvest Farms Face brush is good for your face and helps to gently exfoliate
Soft Face Brush Sale price$ 12.00
Loofah Sale priceFrom $ 12.00
Ramie Soap Bags for ExfoliationRamie Soap Bags for Exfoliation