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Article: Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures

Stay Safe! Stay Well! Stay Strong!  These words may make for good advertising sound bites some days, but not today. What we are all facing is unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. It truly is a period when we have to rethink how we approach what were previously mundane and simple tasks such as going to the store or even chatting with the mailman. We must take precautions to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow citizens.

This wont last forever, but the lessons we can learn from it can be invaluable. Spending more time together, reading a good book or two, cooking more meals at home, playing board games instead of sitting at the computer, slowing down and suddenly appreciating the simple things we took for granted.

Because of you, we here at Sweet Harvest Farms, are staying quite busy. Our organic Handmade Soap (yes, it is anti-bacterial), organic Lotion (for those even dryer hands now a days), Lip Smoothie, Bath Salts, and just recently added a few months ago, organic Hand Sanitizer along with our natural Surface Spray, has kept us on the go more than ever. It's almost like we've gone into hyper-drive!

That is a good thing. We are staying productive and able to ship out to those working the front lines at hospitals, urgent care clinics and assisted living facilities all over the US. We are both honored and blessed to have this opportunity to do our part as we have everyday of the year since 1994.

Thank you so much for leaning on us for all of your organic bath and body needs. We take what we do very seriously and the emails I receive of gratitude everyday is so appreciated!

We are here for the long haul. Stay well. We are in this together. As the song says " we shall overcome".

With warm regards,


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