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Sweet Harvest Farms sanitizing surface spray is organic and natural, easy to use on surfaces that may be contamintated. This surface spray cleans as well as disinfects. This surface spray contains our aromatic signature scent so it smells amazing!

Surface Spray - Organic & Natural

Sweet Harvest Farms Surface Spray

"Hi CJ, I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE you Surface Spray! So far I have used it on my bathroom counters, faucet and sink. It did an amazing job on my cutting boards and I love the smell. Most of all its a natural product, no harsh chemicals! Thank you! ~ Y.A" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As with all products offered by Sweet Harvest Farms, we formulate our own recipes to fill the needs of our customers, friends and family. This surface spray is no different.

I think we all want something we can clean and disinfect with that is not laden with harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients so if you get any on your hands - no need to worry! It will help clean them as well if you've run out of our organic hand sanitizer!

Our surface spray ( a full 12 oz) is made from five 100% pure certified organic essential oils, 75% alcohol and natural white vinegar. Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract oils are then added to protect and preserve the organic essential oils to enhance the germ-killing activity. Nothing else. The five essential oils were carefully selected for their powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. All essential oils are Certified Organic.

We choose not to use any water whether distilled or purified because essential oils will not blend with water unless you use add a chemical like Polysorbate 20 (a chemical emulsifier to help oils blend with water) which is considered unsafe and carcinogenic to humans. Water also will contain a certain amount of bacteria on its own which means you then have to use preservatives or chemicals to keep it at bay. We never use chemicals of any kind in our products. 

Although 100% of its ingredients are proven to deter bacterial growth, our Surface Spray is also both soothing and aromatic due to the combination of essential oils used.

All of our organic ingredients are used to benefit and help protect.

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Surface Spray - Organic & Natural

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