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Bath & Body of the Month Tribe (Handmade Organic Soap of the Month Club)

$ 325



(Organic Handmade Soap of the Month Club)

This is our version of the Soap of the Month Club! Time to lather up, soften up and get up and join Sweet Harvest Farms Bath and Body of the Month Tribe!

Just for signing up you will receive a few goodies handpicked from our staff!

-3 seven ounce bars of our award winning hand made organic soap

-2 Luxurious hydrating lotion.

-1 Lip Smoothie

Value of $100 just for signing up!

Each month you will be receiving 3 of our handmade organic soaps - a $42.00 - $425 value,  BUT on your 6 month, with the tribe, you will receive a surprise package of handmade bath and body essentials valued at $100!

Great to share with family or friends.

Now, now don’t be greedy….. spread the happiness!

Shipping for first box and then is FREE for the other 11 months in the USA.

(If you live outside of the USA a small shipping fee will be applied).

Total value of $660.00 but you will pay less than half that amount of $325 when you sign up for The Tribe! 

Be good to your skin and start saving at Sweet Harvest Farms!

It's no wonder people purchase this not only for themselves but others as well.

What a great gift!
I know this is quite a bit out of pocket but buying it separately or monthly you would be paying DOUBLE....and shipping is FREE!


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Bath & Body of the Month Tribe (Handmade Organic Soap of the Month Club).

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 03, 2023

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